The Fiery Sword Ministries

Alexys V Wolf

Minister and Author

The Fiery Sword Ministries purposes to bring truth in love; to usher people out of rigid religious tradition and into a Kingdom mindset. Through the move of Holy Spirit, this ministry purposes to open blind eyes, unstop deaf ears, and unveil minds that have too long been bound in religious rhetoric.  
To experience unity within the Body of Christ across the globe by breaking down barriers that have plagued the Church. The goal is enlarging peoples' understanding of both the Kingdom of God that Jesus preached as well as discovering the person of Holy Spirit so as to be led by Him.  

About the founder

First and foremost, Alexys is a wife and mother, then a minister, author and muralist. She is a firm believer that truth in love ushers the freedom of Christ. She is Kingdom-minded which is vastly different than being denominationally or religious-minded. Since Jesus came preaching and teaching “The Kingdom” and came against the religious who only put more of a burden upon people, she purposes to follow suit.

Alexys Vaulkenroth Wolf founded the 501c3 non-profit ministry, The Fiery Sword Ministries in 2007. After a seven year wilderness period away from God, she rededicated her life to Christ February 2000. This wasn’t merely a “God I return to You” but rather a place of utter surrender; a “Your will not mine be done, Lord.” That same month, she was introduced to her mentor and learned how to walk in the power of God and to intimately hear the voice of the Almighty. Beginning in 2006, she began ministering in women’s and men’s prisons preaching, teaching Bible studies, and counseling one-on-one with inmates. Through studying the Word and writing her own lessons, those teachings became published books. She has been a guest speaker at multiple conferences and retreats as well as TV and radio. Two of her books are award winners through Readers Favorite book Awards Contest ( ).

Through the ups and downs of life, Alexys has learned there is indeed freedom in Christ. However, we as a people of God need understanding as to how to move out of the bondage of religiosity and into the freedom of God’s Kingdom. We are a people of covenant, not contract. We are to surrender, not merely commit. Alexys’ ultimate directive is to aid people from all walks of life in how to become transformed instead of attempting with futility to make a few forced changes in actions.

 Once God's people begin to understand the difference in religion and Kingdom, their life will be transformed, never to be the same. Jesus did not bring condemnation, but truth. Within the truth, He exposed the sin nature – then He taught how to be redeemed from it.

Religion is not the answer to problems. Church attendance is not the answer. Changing your denominational preference is not the answer. Falling in love with Christ is. When we fall in love with God, we cease focusing on our personal perspective and begin to see only His heart of love for mankind (covenant).